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THE GREEN HOUSE AL-Mazeedi family site opened a new section in English to communicate with friends,and to develop articles موقع عائلة المزيدي يعلن عن افتتاح قسم جديد للمقالات باللغة الانجليزية
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قديم 25th August 2009, 03:17 AM
يوسف بوعبد الرحمن
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افتراضي Al Mazeedi Family trip to Al Jahra Slayel Resort

السلام عليكم

Over the past two years the Al Mazeedi family has been going to a nice relaxing resort in Al Jahra city. The resort is called Slayel Resort. It’s a nice small trip that, most importantly, pleasures our beloved grandmother in seeing here family around her and it also gives us a breather from our hectic weekly work schedule. The trip starts Friday morning.

After the fajir prayer my uncles would each go to their houses to get ready for the outing. Then, around 6:30 am my uncle Moosa pulls over in front of my uncle Zaidan’s house in Bayan. Minutes later, my uncle Zaidan and my beloved grandmother come rushing out to meet my uncle Moosa and board his car. They then go pick up beloved mother Souad who also lives in bayan and my aunt Radiya who lives in Salmiya. My uncles Zohair and Hani usually wait for them to reach Slayel resort and then go meet them there. Uncle Zohairs’ sun Faisal very rarely comes with his father to the resort, and uncle Hani always brings his children (Four boys) with him. There all of them gather for a nice breakfast.

On Friday, I usually wake up at 9:00 am, eat breakfast, and then get ready to meet my two cousins (Bo Rashid and Ahmad) at my uncle Zaidan’s house in Bayan. To make it in time for the juma prayer in Al Jahra we must leave Bayan at 11:00 am but of course we leave around 11:10 because someone (ahmad) forgot to wake up on time. Anyway, we then head to the closest mosque to the resort so we can pray the Friday prayer. It’s like a routine, after we finish the prayer; we follow my uncles Moosa, Zaidan and Zohair, and my aunt Radiya, and my beloved mother Souad who are usually in the same car along with our beloved grandmother to the extremely large Sultan center where my Uncles and their beloved mother shop for their two-day stay at Slayel resort. Uncle Hani drives his own car. Bo Rashid, Ahmad, and I don’t go inside the large super-market. Instead we take our Shalay key and go to the Shalay ahead of our family.

When reach our rented shalay Ahmad and I go check out the pool. By the time we get back generally the rest of the family is also back from Sultan center. Then, Bo Rashid, Uncles Moosa, Zaidan, Hani (and his kids), little Ahmad, and I change into our swimming gear and head for the pool. There is nothing more refreshing than swimming in a cool swimming pool on a hot summer’s day. While we swim Bo Rashid usually likes to practice life guard techniques on how to prevent another person from drowning. He uses Ahmad and me as his practice dummies :P. Uncle Zaidan does laps across the swimming pool, and uncle Moosa thinks of fun activates we can do like a competition on who can hold his breath the longest. Ahmad was the winner last time. We stay in the pool roughly around 30-45 minutes before we head back to our shalay. Our Uncles are usually the first to head back to the shalay followed by Bo Rashid. Me, Ahmad, and Uncle Hani’s army are last to head back to the shalay were we dry off.

When we reach the shalay, were there are 3 bathrooms, we take turns showering. Oddly enough we finish quite quickly for a large group. We then Head to our favorite restaurant “Al Sabeenat” which literally translates to “The 70’s”. It’s a very traditional restaurant. Bo Rashid writes the family’s food orders on a piece of napkin and tells the waiter our order. Bo Rashid, Ahmad, and I are famous for our order “Machboos diyay bidoon hasho” with pepsi and a side order of sweet corn chicken soup. While we wait Uncle Moosa always plays his little mind games, and puzzles and Uncle Zaidan always answers them lol. Our beloved grandmother stairs at her family proudly and contemplates. Aunt Radiya, and my beloved mother are conversing about daily events (gossip :P) and Uncle Hani’s cute little children are rough housing…..in the restaurant which could be frustrating at times. When the food arrives the talking stops. Everyone is focused on what is in front of them, and for some odd reason the waiter always forgets to bring the dakoos (Tomato sauce) and then makes us wait 5 more minutes for him to bring it. Food time is serious time. Everyone is emotionless and busy pleasuring their bellies. The setting is blank, cold, and detached from reality. A tornado would think twice before disrupting our precious moments with our meals.

After lunch we go back to the shalay were we have some light snack that we bought earlier on in the day at Sultan center. Aunt Radiya prepares the tea and her scrumptious chocolate chip muffin cake. We just sit down and talk about different subjects be it may reminiscing or world events. We discuss certain events that have happened in the past, and have small harmless debates on them. We call out, and solve problems in order to better our selves. Everyone is open minded so everything gets taken into consideration. Later, we get ready for Asir prayer. Bo Rashid is our Imam. We use the dry towels in the shalay as rogues to pray on. After the Prayer is when Bo Rashid, Ahmad, and I head back to good old, wholesome Bayan. The rest of the family usually stays until the next morning. Hopefully one day I will stay the full two days however until then I encourage more and more relatives to join us on our small voyage to Slayel resort.

Click HERE to see pictures of Slayel resort or just scroll down.

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قديم 26th August 2009, 12:49 PM
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افتراضي thnx

thnx jwsef it was verey nise artiqal
رد مع اقتباس
قديم 7th September 2009, 07:27 PM
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Thumbs up

yes jwsef going to slayel is from the best things that we do and you forgot to say that harith always brings a puzzle game that we spend our time on it
أحمد زيدان المزيدي
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قديم 10th September 2009, 06:49 AM
يوسف بوعبد الرحمن
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Yes I did forget to say that Ahmad thank you for reminding me. Bo Rashid Likes to bring different board games that play with your mind. When we play them we can be quite competitive sometimes because our restless minds never cease to fail us. I guess that is one quality our family shares.
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